August 22, 2021

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Daal Makhani – It is Buttery as its name says it all “Makahni”, Black Lentils s…

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Daal Makhani –

It is Buttery as its name says it all “Makahni”, Black Lentils slowly cooked for hours in Butter ti make it more tastier with Butter and Spices

Origin of this was by Three friends who use to work in Restaurant before India’s partition. They worked togather in Lahore but after the partition things got changed and they got seperated, but they met up back in a Refuge camp in Delhi, where they had a thought of doing the same thing that they use to do in Lahore.

So they use to Put a huge Pot to cook Daal for the Refugees at Night so that it gets cooked over night and can be served in the Morning.

From there the Story of Daal Makhani actually started and they started their Restaurant venture in Delhi “Moti Mahal” which became famous for their Daal Makhani.

But one thing we all must remember that, Daal Makhani what we eat today may be bit modified by the People over a course of Time, but all the Credits must go to Three friends who made the World fall in Love for the Taste of this Great Indian Delicacy.

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