August 22, 2021

Start cooking recipes during Coronavirus quarantine |

You can find the recipes for all the delicious meals that come to mind during this period we stuck at home.

Mezze Platter My Mezze Platter consists of Classic Hummus, Beetroot Hummus, Bab…

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Mezze Platter?

My Mezze Platter consists of Classic Hummus, Beetroot Hummus, Baba ganoush, Labneh, fresh tomatoes ?, cucumber ?, olives and pita breads.

This Mezze platter has all the flavour profiles I love: It is fresh, vibrant, sour, herby, savoury.

‘Mezze’ means ‘Appetizer’ in Greek.
Mezze is all kind of dishes nearly little bit from everything from salad to dip to lebni.And you can eat it anytime of the day – Brunches, lunch or dinner.
In Middle East, Mezze is always on the table for the guests anytime, so it is a culture and a kind of hospitality.

As every cuisine has its most famous dishes, Middle Eastern cuisine is famous for hummus. 
It is an enticing appetizer, served with pita bread and vegetables but also amazing as a sandwich spread.

This tasty chickpea-based dip is creamy and protein-rich, with a subtle nuttiness from sesame seeds

Beetroot Hummus:
The deep pink color of this beet hummus dip is pretty enough for a fancy party, but the dish itself is easy enough to make for a weeknight healthy snack craving. This variation is made of chickpeas with beets, which pair beautifully with tahini, brightening up with fresh lemon juice. Add a splash of vinegar to the beets while they boil to keep their color vibrant.

Baba ganoush:
Broil an eggplant to make this smoky, creamy dip in Middle Eastern appetizer spreads.

Labneh is a versatile, savory Middle Eastern yogurt spread.

Pita bread:
Fresh homemade pita breads are prepared using whole wheat flour..

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