August 22, 2021

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Thank you for preparing this amazing Sourdough bread and sharing with me Time…

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Thank you nishapatel1975 for preparing this amazing Sourdough bread and sharing with me?

Time for some Sourdough Breads. Crispy on the Outside & Softer from the inside. This Breads are so amazing that you can try them in many ways.

The origination of this bread started from Europe and their rich culinary culture took it to many different parts of the World, though it was not at all popular in India as in most cases our climatic conditions don’t support the formation of these types of Breads.

During the Lockdown, many people started to experiment on these breads at home and found out that they need a Sour Seed which needs to be replaced every single day on the perfect timings at least for 2 weeks. And finally they’re ready to be baked with some tricks and talents.

My sister started to do such experiments for her passion for baking and yesterday she came up with this beautifully baked Sourdough Bread, that’s perfectly Crisp with its master cuts that are made before baking so that the fermentation in the Sourdough gets enough space to rise, which make the outer layer go crispier and letting the inner part to be softer.

Sour in taste with goodness of Natural Probiotics, these breads goes so well with Cheese, Jalapenos, Olives, Oats, Garlic, Buckwheat, you name it.

It even goes perfect with Soups, Salads and Fresh Cuts of Fruits. Toast it and they’re even fantstic.

Thank you once again ~
For continuously inspiring

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